The Gamble of Online Dating: Is it really a convenient way to meet people?

There has been an undeniable trend towards people using the internet and dating apps to meet new partners. Over the past two decades, approximately 4.5 million Australians are using dating applications, with online dating becoming the second most preferred way to meet a new partner. It isn’t surprising that apps like Tinder boast a significant … [Read more…]

Smart is the new Sexy!

  by Raj Persaud, M.D. and Peter Bruggen, M.D. How sexually attractive is intelligence, as a feature of a person’s personality? A new study by psychologists Gilles Gignac, Joey Darbyshire and Michelle Ooi from the University of Western Australia suggests that there is a certain IQ score which is the ideal to have in order to be … [Read more…]

How to relax before a date

by Anna Nash One of the most common pieces of dating advice is to ‘just relax and be yourself’, and we agree! Other people can sense our inner tensions, and it can make it more difficult to form a meaningful connection. But ‘just relaxing’ before a date is easier said than done, especially if you … [Read more…]

Welcome the Dame of Dating

Great news for every single soul out there, wherever in the world you are. Our senior consultant, Matchmaker-Extraordinaire and dating coach with over 25 years experience, now has a platform to share her wisdom, knowledge and skills. All at your fingertips,  to help you find your soulmate . Who is, most definitely, looking for you as well! So … [Read more…]

3 Easy Steps To Make Dating Fun!

When we’re getting ready to go on a date, most of us don’t take the time to think about our mindset. We think about what we’re going to wear, what we’re going to do, and whether or not it will be like the last miserable date—a complete waste of time. We cross our fingers, hoping … [Read more…]

Is Cynicism Ruining Your Love Life?

It is natural to have our defenses high up when we meet strangers, especially in the context of dating. The problem starts when the defense mechanism becomes too rigid, leading to cynicism.Cynical attitudes are frequently misguided and have adverse effects on your interactions. Read this brilliant article by clinical psychologist, Lisa Firestone which comes with a few … [Read more…]