Dinner For Two Matchmaking Program:

Before we find your perfect companion, we spend time getting to know you and help you understand what you seek in a relationship. Our consultation will allow us to assist you in building your profile, determining your life’s goals and interests and help you gain and nurture your new relationship.We conduct personal interviews and consultations with all of our members and verify identity and relationship status to avoid any “underwater rocks” when you meet.

After getting to know you, we will be best poised to present to you dinner date candidates that are most compatible with you, based on your and their personality, mutual compatibility, common interests and many other factors. We are sure to find companions that will be of interest to you, as we have a multi-tiered and ever-growing membership and our members come from a wide range of backgrounds and walks of life. And one of them is surely waiting for someone like you!

What distinguishes Dinner for Two Essential Matchmaking is our utmost attention to details with the purpose of ensuring that you are prepared and comfortable with  your Dinner Date. We will set up the date that suits you and your chosen companion best, pick and book a restaurant that offers the finest dining experience and has an appropriate atmosphere, and many of other little things. We will administer and coordinate all of this, so that you and your chosen companion have only one thing to do - to get to know each other better on your dinner date! We do not put any restrictions on you to exchange phone numbers, if you wish. We can also pass your preferred contact details to your chosen companion after the dinner date. Our Dinner for Two dinners are set in mid to high end suburban  restaurants that provide a fine dining experience around town, by offering great cuisine, service and the right atmosphere for your date dinner. Again. we will make sure that all the little things are taken care of, so that you can come and enjoy yourself in a company of your chosen companion!

A saying “A picture is worth a thousand words” fits perfectly here, if we replace a word ‘picture’ with ‘experience’. You can be assured that our attentive and professional service will provide  you with an enjoyable and empowering experience in your search for that special one! So do not hesitate and come meet our team at Dinner for Two Essential Matchmaking! ​

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