The Gamble of Online Dating: Is it really a convenient way to meet people?

There has been an undeniable trend towards people using the internet and dating apps to meet new partners. Over the past two decades, approximately 4.5 million Australians are using dating applications, with online dating becoming the second most preferred way to meet a new partner. It isn’t surprising that apps like Tinder boast a significant amount of Australian users per year (3.5 million, to be exact!)

The greatest revolution now is that everything can be localised. You would like to think that this is a useful tool, allowing convenience for users to meet others in close proximity. However, the reality is, that there’s a very big concern with the lack of sincerity and authenticity on these apps. More than 50% of women and 37% of men think that online dating does not lead to healthier, safer relationships compared to meeting people in more traditional ways (Relationships Australia, 2018). There is a definite caution/ weariness surrounding the concept of online dating, even for those who are active users.

Nowadays people can go onto these apps to look for a one-night fling, or even a one-hour fling. Whatever our heart desires, so to speak. A frequently asked question you may have is, is this user you have come across actually single? Are they just looking for a quick fling? How do we become aware of these possible dating blunders and red flags when looking at a users profile and bio? The answer is: we just don’t know. We are often taking a gamble, praying that the first date turns out decently.

My advice would be, if you are active on Tinder, Grindr, or Facebook, see this app or program as entertainment first. It’s like a computer game. Possibly, if you are unusually lucky and careful enough, something good can come out of it as more than entertainment. And of course it does, due to the law of averages and having millions of profiles and users at your fingertips. Sooner or later, if you are careful and lucky, something will work, and you might find something legitimate. Although, I stress, the words “careful” and “lucky” should be in capitals, underlined with several exclamation marks.

Despite the convenience of modern-day online dating, I believe that it is easier and safer to meet people in real life. Try to speak to people you see on a regular basis, such as where you go to buy your morning coffee, or the gym you go to. Or, possibly even the public transport that you take. There is regularity, you know there’s a pattern, and there is a strong likelihood that they live relatively close by. Who needs a location-based app, when you are meeting real-life people in their real environments

Hence, it works well to communicate more, face-to-face.The joy and skill of face-to-face conversation is something we should definitely reinvigorate. Would you really rather have to straw through millions of profiles, out of which, 40% of them are going to be fake? At the end of the day, it’s your call.

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